STYLEME – By Kira Drury


Connect – Bohemian Summer Souls

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting Connect – Living Sustainably‘s Summer campaign, entitled Bohemian Summer Souls.

Connect is a sustainable lifestyle brand that aims to provide fashionable yet conscious pieces. They believe that in order to achieve this philosophy throughout the whole brand, they had to look at each process from start to finish, a key mantra for sustainability. In order to leave everyone involved, starting from the producers, to the consumers and even mother Earth with a smile!

The collection made up mostly of necklaces, chokers, bracelets and headpieces are loving sourced, designed and handmade by Tamara Fenech.  Pretty precious stones, peace-sign pendents and boho beads paired carefully to create one of a kind treasures. I love working with Tammy, she’s a breath of fresh air, approachable, open and friendly, her raspy laugh and contagious smile  make her a pleasure to be around and her character shines through in her work.

Where did you find the inspiration for your collection?
I find inspiration with whatever I’m feeling and learning in that moment, not a specific thing i guess.
Where do you source the materials?
I source a bulk of my stuff from a fair trade and sustainable conscious website based in the U.S, however, I also have a huge collection I’ve picked up over the years of travelling, or donations from people, an eclectic mix!
Describes Connect in 3 words
1. Girly 2. Communicative 3.Conscious Design
Who are some of your design Hero’s?
Stella McCartney, Yael Aflalo (the Reformation), Chanel
Chocolate or cheese?
Cheese hands down!

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