STYLEME – By Kira Drury


Sliema Arts Festival

I took my camera along to the Sliema Arts Festival held over the weekend. Despite the raging wind the event was still a huge success, as they say, ‘The Show Must Go On’. I’m taking a break from photography as a job, something I decided a couple of months ago, due to the fact that when one usually starts to count on a hobby to make money, the fun is quickly sucked out of it. Hobbies turn into jobs, which in turn, turn into stress more often than not. Instead I’m taking on just a couple of jobs a month and spending the rest of the time falling in love with taking pictures again, just for the sheer pleasure, rather than for cash. That being said my first outing was this super festival, art, music, food, smiles and good vibes – more of that please! (…and a little vodka when the sun went down)


Photos: Kiwi


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