STYLEME – By Kira Drury


Things We’ve Learnt About Festival Season…

Dress For The Occassion

There will be lots of facial glitter, floral headwear and mis-matched prints.

If It’s Not On Facebook It Didn’t Happen.

Countless Facebook photos/post will be inevitable: pre, during and post.

Squad Goals

We love to travel in large numbers, the bigger the crew, the bigger the social media presence – ‘tag me’.

We Heart Glastonbury

The MacDaddy of festivals,  ‘Yeah i did Glasto, it was like the best experience of my life, like the vibe it’s something totally indescribable, i’m so going next year.

You Heard?

Someone’s friend of a friend, or cousin’s friend’s neighbour got backstage and hung out with someone ridiculously famous.

Aint Nobody Got Time For That.

We pack multiple outfits but live in the same thing for the duration.

The ‘Cool’ Band

Everyone will watch Tame Impala and go on about  it for months after – cue the videos!

You Will Get The Weather Wrong

It’s always colder and wetter than you expect  ‘maaaa thank god i took that hoody/scarf/jumper….canoe’


Someone in your group will discover falafel for the first time and someone else in your group wont eat for 4 days.

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